BaFin gives the green light: Publity AG tokenizes shares on Ethereum

Publity AG wants to be the world’s first listed company to tokenize its own shares on Ethereum – what are the consequences?

The real estate giant PREOS Global Office Real Estate & Technology AG (PREOS) is the first publicly listed company to digitally securitize its shares using an Ethereum token

PREOS is a real estate company focused on office properties. The company is currently mainly active in Frankfurt and in the future it wants to expand into other European financial centers.

For the implementation of the ambitious project, the company uses the Ethereum blockchain and from today the tokenized securities are tradable on the XETRA trading platform. Each PREOS token represents one PREOS share.

In addition, every PREOS token holder has the option of exchanging their tokens for conventional PREOS shares. The tokenized shares have the same dividend rights and the same voting rights at the PREOS general meeting as all other shares in the company.

Thomas Olek, CEO, the CEO of Publity AG commented optimistically:

A milestone in the international real estate industry. We make real estate digital and investable for everyone, regardless of location or infrastructure.

Olek also said that this tokenization of the shares, approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on November 23, 2020, had opened a new chapter on the capital market.

Why Bitcoin’s market capitalization reached a new all-time high before the price

Although Bitcoin has mobilized to reach a new historical high of market capitalization, the milestone seems not to have captured the attention of the main media and the general public.

The latest stage of Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent rebound saw its market capitalization exceed USD 330 billion for the first time, while the price rose above USD 17,750 by the end of November.

Grayscale Survey Connects COVID-19 Pandemic to New Bitcoin Purchases

According to CoinGecko, the previous high for Bitcoin capitalization of $329.3 billion was recorded on December 16, 2017, in the midst of the historic upward cycle where the price of Bitcoin reached $20,000.
BTC market capitalization since 2017.

However, the new peak in market capitalization came despite the fact that the price of BTC has not reached new highs.

The price of a bitcoin in Argentina reaches three million pesos

There’s a very simple explanation for that: the increasing supply of Bitcoin. While there were approximately 16,746 million Bitcoins as of December 16, 2017, more than 1.8 million coins have been mined since then, which is a 10.75% increase in supply. This means that Bitcoin is able to have a higher market capitalization even though its price is currently lower.

The combined capitalization of all the crypto currencies also exceeded $500 billion for the first time since February 2018.
Combined capitalization of all crypto-currencies since 2017

According to the World Bank, Bitcoin’s market capitalization exceeds that of combined publicly traded companies based in countries such as Belgium, Iran, Norway, Sweden and the Philippines, respectively, more than double that of companies in Denmark, Qatar, Vietnam, Colombia and Poland.

Another conventional company is seeking approval to invest in crypto-currencies

Compared to companies in the S&P 500, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is approximately $13 billion behind Procter and Gamble’s eleventh position, and above Nvidia and JP Morgan. However, some would argue that comparing Bitcoin to companies isn’t very enlightening and that it should be compared to commodities, or some other asset class.

Despite the market capitalization milestone, some analysts point to the lack of media coverage of Bitcoin’s recent gains.

Media attention going down. Price to the moon!

Chart shown just now on Joe @TheStalwart’s show.
– Mati Greenspan (tweets ≠ financial advice) (@MatiGreenspan) November 17, 2020

However, according to data shared by LunarCRUSH, a company that tracks social network sentiment in relation to cryptomonies, the volume of Bitcoin-related news experienced a significant peak since early November.

The company tweeted a graph showing that the volume of daily media coverage related to Bitcoin has increased fivefold in the last two weeks.

Microsoft Latin America Education Forum concludes that students should learn skills like Blockchain

According to Google Trends, the volume of searches for the keyword „Bitcoin“ during November is approximately 15% of the 2017 search peak, further evidencing the relative lack of retail interest in BTC compared to the last time the market was reaching parabolic peaks.
Relative volume of searches for the word ‚Bitcoin‘ in the last five years.

Bitcoin is officially bigger than PayPal by market cap

In fact, the volume of searches is only at its fourth highest level in 2020, lagging behind the spikes in interest that coincided with the „Black Thursday“ crash in March, the Bitcoin halving in May, and the BTC break over USD 10,000 in May.

New York Airport uses blockchain app for cleanliness to combat corona

A New York airport uses a blockchain app to provide travelers with information about the cleanliness of surfaces.

In the course of the Corona crisis, the airport in Albany, New York, USA, is using the “Wellness Trace App” to check the cleanliness of surfaces and objects at Albany Airport

The app, which emerged from a collaboration between General Electric (GE), TE-FOOD and Eurofins, is intended to make travel safe even in times of the corona pandemic. The blockchain system from Microsoft Azure serves as the basic framework.

The blockchain app provides travelers with information about the cleanliness of objects and surfaces in advance, even before they come into contact with them. All the travelers have to do is scan in QR codes with their smartphones, which are located all over the airport.

In addition, users can enter their personal impression of the cleanliness of a respective surface in the app and save it for others

As Albany Airport states, the experiment with the app will initially run for three months, with airport employees being tasked with using the app to ensure proper cleanliness in and around the airport in accordance with Corona regulations. To make the relevant information accessible, more than 45 stickers with the corresponding QR codes were distributed.

Philip Calderone, CEO of Albany Airport Regulators, said that „using the innovative GE Wellness Trace app is a big step in enabling safe travel in times of pandemic through digital solutions“.

Other countries are now also using blockchain technology to fight the coronavirus.

For example, a city in Singapore uses blockchain technology to issue a digital health passport. Thanks to the joint project by SGInnovate and Accredify, the pandemic could be contained even better.

The Singapore-based company Perlin has another project, the block chain-based smartphone app „ICC AOKpass“ developed , which in turn facilitates the communication of the infection status.

8,000 víctimas de estafas de Bitcoin obtienen reembolsos del regulador de EE. UU

La Comisión Federal de Comercio de EE. UU. Está reembolsando a unas 8.000 víctimas que perdieron dinero al invertir en dos estafas de bitcoins. Los esquemas fraudulentos prometieron que los inversores podrían convertir sus pagos en criptomonedas de aproximadamente $ 100 en $ 80,000 en ingresos mensuales.

Las víctimas de los esquemas piramidales de Bitcoin obtienen reembolsos

La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC) ha comenzado a enviar reembolsos a las víctimas de dos estafas de inversión en criptomonedas: Bitcoin Funding Team y My7network.

Según un anuncio de la Bitcoin Circuit el miércoles, los dos esquemas „prometieron falsamente que los participantes podrían ganar grandes cantidades de dinero pagando criptomonedas como bitcoin o litecoin para inscribirse en los esquemas“. Sin embargo, la FTC detalló:

Bitcoin Funding Team y My7network eran esquemas de referencia en cadena que dependían del reclutamiento de nuevas personas para ganar dinero. De hecho, la mayoría de los participantes no recuperaron sus inversiones iniciales.

La FTC enviará 7,964 reembolsos a través de Paypal por un total de más de $ 470,000 a las víctimas de los dos esquemas a partir del 5 de noviembre

“El reembolso promedio es de aproximadamente $ 59. Los destinatarios que reciban un reembolso a través de Paypal tendrán 30 días para aceptar el pago ”, aclaró la FTC.

Los promotores de los dos esquemas, Thomas Dluca, Louis Gatto y Eric Pinkston, fueron cerrados en marzo de 2018. Afirmaron que Bitcoin Funding Team „podría convertir un pago equivalente a poco más de $ 100 en $ 80,000 en ingresos mensuales“, el La FTC explicó y agregó que los dos esquemas eran „esquemas de referencia en cadena, un tipo de esquema piramidal“.

La FTC alega que un cuarto acusado, Scott Chandler, promovió Bitcoin Funding Team y otro esquema engañoso de reclutamiento de criptomonedas llamado Jetcoin. Esta estafa afirmaba que los inversores podían duplicar su inversión en 50 días, pero la FTC dice que „el esquema no cumplió con estos reclamos y dejó de operar dentro de los dos meses posteriores al lanzamiento“.

Los acusados ​​violaron la „prohibición de la ley contra los actos engañosos“ de la FTC al tergiversar los esquemas de referencia en cadena como oportunidades genuinas de hacer dinero y al afirmar falsamente que los participantes podrían obtener ingresos sustanciales al participar en los tres esquemas, explicó la agencia federal.


Bycze Bitcoin będą cieszyć się dominacją na rynku, dopóki ich cena nie przekroczy 14.000 dolarów, jak twierdzi Eugene Loza z EXCAVO.

Niezależny analityk rynkowy napisał w swojej notatce dla inwestorów, że spodziewa się, iż inwestorzy z większą ekspozycją w transakcjach długich niż krótkich. Swoją prognozę oznaczył strukturą techniczną. Przewidywał on BTC/USD wewnątrz wzorca Ascending Channel, w górę, w oczekiwaniu na przetestowanie sekwencji poziomów oporu i wsparcia Fibonacciego.

Bitcoin, BTCUSD, XBTUSD, BTCUSDT, kryptocurrency
Ustawienie handlu Bitcoin Bank, przedstawione przez Eugene’a Lozę. Źródło: BTCUSD na

Mniejszy wykres Retracement Fibonacciego na powyższym wykresie wygasł po przekroczeniu przez Bitcoin’a poziomu w środę na 12.283$. Jednocześnie, krypto waluta zamknęła się na poziomie 61,8% – 13,037$ – większej konfiguracji Fibonacciego, oczekując na przełamanie, przesuwając się do góry nogami.

Pan Loza poparł perspektywę przedłużonego byczego posunięcia, zauważając, że 13.037 dolarów to „nie najlepsze miejsce na krótką [pozycję]“. Dodał, że ci, którzy nadal handlują przeciwko górze Bitcoina, ryzykowaliby stratę około 13.350 dolarów.

14 BTC i 95,000 Free Spins dla każdego gracza, tylko w mBitcasino’s Exotic Crypto Paradise! Zagraj teraz!
W ten sposób Bitcoin będzie miał możliwość pójść jeszcze wyżej w kierunku 78,6% poziomu dużego Fib. To jest około 15.728 dolarów.

Pan Loza powiedział, że otwarcie krótkiej pozycji gdziekolwiek pomiędzy $14,000 a $15,728 to „lepsze“ wezwanie. Zakres ten znajduje się również w pobliżu górnej linii trendu formacji Ascending Channel.

„Kiedy weźmiemy cel, istnieje możliwość korekty do linii środkowej kanału wznoszącego się,“ dodał Pan Loza.

Środkowa linia jest poniżej 11.000 dolarów.


Oświadczenia pana Lozy przyszły w okresie silnego entuzjazmu zakupowego dla Bitcoina. Kryptofaktura w tym tygodniu zyskała światowe uznanie po tym, jak PayPal, światowy lider usług płatniczych, zapowiedział włączenie jej do swojej dotychczasowej linii produktów.

Przed PayPal, jej główny rywal Square, firma kierowana przez prezesa Jacka Dorsey’a na Twitterze, wykazała w swoich bilansach 50 milionów dolarów BTC. Inna uznana korporacja, MicroStrategy, również przeniosła 425 milionów dolarów ze swojej rezerwy gotówkowej do Bitcoin, powołując się na swoje obawy przed dewaluacją dolara amerykańskiego w obliczu rosnących stóp procentowych M2 i ultralekkich.

Handlowcy ocenili sekwencję zdarzeń jako potwierdzenie wzrostu Bitcoin’a wśród wybitnych firm, zarówno jako usługi jak i aktywa finansowe. W rezultacie, Długie pozycje na BTC/USD skoczyły dramatycznie wyżej niż krótkie, potwierdzając, że większość uważa, że Bitcoin jest niedoceniany po bieżących stopach.

Michaël van de Poppe, inny niezależny analityk rynkowy, wykazał ostrożność wobec nadmiernie byczych stwierdzeń. Powiedział, że Bitcoin powinien trzymać przedział 12.750-12.800 dolarów, aby podtrzymać swoją tendencję wzrostową. W przeciwnym razie, krypto waluta ryzykuje spadek „do 12 200 dolarów i potencjalnie 11 900 dolarów“.

Bitcoin, BTCUSD, XBTUSD, BTCUSDT, kryptokur waluta
Ustawienie handlu Bitcoinami, przedstawione przez Michaela van de Poppe. Źródło: BTCUSD na

Średnioterminowa prognoza pana Poppe’a przewidywała jednocześnie kontynuację wzrostu do 14.000 dolarów. Niemniej jednak powtórzył, że „obszar pomiędzy 11.200-11.700 dolarów“ będzie służył jako wsparcie.

„W najgorszym przypadku około 10.000 dolarów, ale wszystko jest tu jasne i dobre“, dodał. „Złamanie 13.600 dolarów obszaru i myślę, że 16.000 dolarów jest następne.“

To trochę rymowało się z przewidywaniami pana Lozy na temat kryptokurwaluty.

National launch of the Sand Dollar, the digital currency of the Bahamas

The Bahamas have just deployed their central bank digital currency (CBDC), the „Sand Dollar“. Its launch comes after a pilot program initiated in October 2019.

The Sand Dollar lands in the Bahamas

The Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) today officially introduced its own central bank digital currency (CBDC), the “ Sand Dollar ”. This makes the Bahamas one of the first countries in the world to launch a CBDC beyond a pilot program .

The information was shared during a webinar broadcast on Facebook , on the dedicated Sand Dollar page. As of today, the 386,000 inhabitants of the archipelago can create their digital wallet on their smartphone and carry out transactions.

The entire Sand Dollar ecosystem will therefore transit through smartphones, and all Bahamian merchants can very easily accept it as a means of payment.

The central bank has chosen the company NZIA as its technological partner for the deployment of the Sand Dollar. Also based in Canada, South Korea, Singapore and South Africa, NZIA specializes in developing solutions compatible with existing regulatory frameworks and financial frameworks.

On the official Sand Dollar website , here’s how the Central Bank of the Bahamas justifies the introduction of this CBDC:

„The goal is to promote more inclusive access to regulated payments and other financial services for underserved communities and socio-economic groups, as well as reduce service delivery costs and increase transaction efficiency for financial services. across the Bahamas. „

Each Sand Dollar is backed by a Bahamian dollar, which in turn is pegged to a US dollar. In addition, the CBOB claims that the fees required to complete a transaction are negligible, without giving further details.

A CBDC quickly set up

This CBDC had been in the works for several years, although things really accelerated last year when it was publicly announced.

The Sand Dollar project had been the subject of a pilot program since October 2019 , when 48,000 units were in circulation on the islands of Exuma and Abaco, combining a population of 25,000 people.

Although the Sand Dollar is being rolled out nationwide fairly quickly, the project already looks quite mature . The Central Bank of the Bahamas ensures that its entire ecosystem is already operational.

The institution hopes in particular that at the end of this project, all inhabitants of the Bahamas will have equal and expanded access to modernized digital means of payment . At the same time, a reduction in cash transactions is also planned, a feature that will certainly be debated.

This new payment infrastructure is expected to reduce service delivery costs, increase transaction efficiency and improve the general level of financial inclusion of communities throughout the archipelago.

Along with Venezuela’s Petro (PRT) , the Sand Dollar is one of the first sovereign digital currencies to emerge . Although the challenge is less compared to the deployment of the digital yuan in China , the Bahamas are proving to the whole world their lead on a technology which is still very young.

Coinbase Pro annuncia il supporto per il token Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) di DeFi

Coinbase lancia il supporto per Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Ciò segue il recente lancio di altri token DeFi come Uniswap (UNI).

Le attività e le speranze nel mercato della finanza decentralizzata ( DeFi ) sembrano essere lente. Nonostante ciò, gli scambi di criptovaluta stanno ancora aggiungendo token DeFi per i clienti, a sostegno del mercato. Oggi, Coinbase Pro, la piattaforma di trading professionale di Coinbase, ha lanciato il supporto per il token Wrapped Bitcoin di DeFi soprannominato WBTC .

Il trading WBTC inizierà presto su Coinbase Pro

Dopo l‘ annuncio , Coinbase Pro ha debuttato il supporto per il token WBTC, a partire dal 15 ottobre. Quindi, i trader sulla piattaforma possono iniziare a depositare i loro token Wrapped Bitcoin, sebbene il trading inizierà in una data successiva. All’apertura del trasferimento in entrata del token, il trading dovrebbe iniziare entro martedì, cioè se le condizioni di liquidità sono state raggiunte.

Con una fornitura sufficiente di token Bitcoin, Coinbase Pro lancerà le coppie di trading fiat e criptovaluta del token – WBTC-USD e WBTC-BTC – nei loro libri ordini. Secondo quanto riferito, questo verrà rilasciato in circa quattro fasi che includono solo trasferimento, solo post, solo limite e trading completo. I trader di criptovalute delle regioni supportate da Coinbase Pro possono partecipare al trading, ad eccezione dei clienti a New York.

Gettoni Coinbase DeFi

Il lancio di Wrapped Bitcoin su Coinbase Pro arriva mentre la domanda per il token continua a crescere. Il protocollo è attualmente classificato come il terzo protocollo più grande su DeFi Pulse, con quasi $ 1,2 miliardi di risorse bloccate. WBTC è fondamentalmente la versione Ethereum di Bitcoin. È un token ERC-20 approssimativamente ancorato a Bitcoin in un rapporto 1: 1. Data la differenza nelle Blockchain, il token è stato creato per consentire agli utenti di Bitcoin di interagire equamente con Ethereum e DeFi per essere precisi.

Nel frattempo, il token Wrapped Bitcoin non è il primo token di finanza decentralizzato ad essere supportato dallo scambio. Recentemente, Coinbase ha implementato il supporto per token come Maker (MKR), Yearn.Finance (YFI), Compound (COMP), Uniswap (UNI), Balancer (BAL) e molti altri.

Bitcoin får en ny kjøper; Forutsier at BTC vil bli en ‚må-ha-aktiva‘ i enhver investors portefølje på 5 år

Tidligere UKIP-politiker (UK Independence Party) Godfrey Bloom tok til Twitter for å dele at han gjorde sitt første bitcoin-kjøp denne uken, og diversifiserte sin portefølje fra edle metaller.

70-åringen har nok gull og sølv som fikk en eksplosjon i 2020 takket være Federal Reserves monetære stimulans. Nå ønsker han å komme inn på den ledende digitale eiendelen, som har tiltrukket seg mange store aktører i år som en „inflasjonshekk.“

Bitcoin er „sannsynlig å være en kraftig sikring mot svakhet i amerikanske dollar,“ bemerket Charlie Morris fra ByteTree.

I løpet av Bitcoins levetid har 2017 og etter Covid-19-krasj 2020 vært de eneste meningsfylte anledninger da DXY falt, og BTC gjorde det bra. „De aller fleste av Bitcoins tidligere gevinster falt sammen med perioder med en flat eller svak dollar,“ fant han.

I år vokste bitcoin også sterkere som en butikk med verdi og digitalt gull, enda bedre enn fysisk gull – billigere å bevege seg rundt, manipulasjonssikker og lett å kontrollere.

“Det er noe mange mindre investorer allerede forstår. Institusjonelle investorer tilpasser seg også dette, ”sa Eric Demuth, administrerende direktør og medstifter av kryptobørs BitPanda, som samlet inn 52 millioner dollar i en serie A-runde ledet av Peter Thiels Valar Ventures.

Til tross for den økende fremgangen, er ikke masseutnyttelse av kryptovalutaen her, og vi er fortsatt ikke der ennå, sa han.

Ifølge ham vil bitcoin og krypto samlet sett bli mer mainstream i løpet av de neste fem årene, med brukervennlighet som blir bedre og tilgang til disse krypto-eiendelene veldig enkelt og rett frem.

„Bitcoin vil være et must-have aktivum i enhver investors – liten eller stor – portefølje i 2025,“ spådde han og la til at regulering vil øke troverdigheten.

ByBit and its insurance system: how to protect yourself on the cryptos derivatives market?

ByBit does as it pleases – In the jungle of derivative markets, precaution is the order of the day. While many trading platforms let their users navigate on sight by offering disconcerting leverage, ByBit decides to take the opposite path. It introduces a childishly simple tool, improving the trading experience in the derivatives markets.

A necessary adaptation

It is difficult to accurately estimate the share of derivatives markets within the crypto industry. According to a report by TokenInsight, spot trading represented a volume of $6.6 trillion in Q1 2020, while the derivatives market weighed the equivalent of $2 trillion over the same period.

Spot trading involves buying a specific cryptogram and selling it at a later date, hoping to make a profit.

Derivatives markets are different in nature. They allow traders to bet on the rise or fall of an asset, without being directly exposed to it. As a result, investors can make gains in all market conditions.

For example, mining professionals use it on a daily basis to balance their positions. They have often made investments of scale for their equipment needs. The economic health of their business is therefore closely linked to the performance of Bitcoin and other mined cryptomoney.

In order to make profits in all market configurations, they may decide to open a short position (short selling) on a particular cryptomony to offset potential depreciation.

Once reserved for an insider clientele (within traditional finance), the inclusive aspect of decentralisation has allowed trading platforms, such as ByBit, to democratise access to derivatives markets.

In order to reach out to these newcomers, ByBit offers an insurance fund to maximise trader protection in a market where volatility and indecision are commonplace.

ByBit insurance: a multi-function tool

Ubuesque leverage effects are now part of the landscape. Being able to put into play 100 times the amount actually owned can be synonymous with astronomical gains, but also induces the risks of an imminent liquidation.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nature-lover. ByBit’s „Mutual insurance“ allows you to approach your strategies from an original angle.

This new type of insurance gives you the possibility of covering your losses over a period of 2, 12 or 48 hours. Only valid on the BTC/USD pair, it makes it possible to protect a portion of your position (25%, for example) or simply your entire position.

This new feature allows novice traders to experiment with the derivatives markets with much more serenity and more experienced traders to open up their field of strategic possibilities.

It is also a credible alternative to spot markets. Instead of being exposed to Bitcoin by buying tokens directly, it is now possible to open a long position, coupled with insurance to protect your funds in the event of a downturn. The Spot/Derivative combination is therefore no longer a requirement in order to maximise the balance of your positions.

Lopullinen Bitcoin-härän tapaus: elinkeinonharjoittajan mukaan 23 tekijää osoittavat, että ralli on määrä

Salanimi Bitcoin-swing-kauppias esitti 23 teknistä ja perustavaa syytä BTC: lle on menossa nouseva vaihe. Salanimellä varustettu Bitcoin (BTC) -kauppias esitteli 23 keskeistä teknistä ja perustekijää, jotka voisivat nostaa BTC: n keskipitkän aikavälin härkätaustaa.

Elinkeinonharjoittajan jakamat datapisteet, jotka tunnetaan nimellä Bysantin kenraali, sopivat neljään pääteemaan. Ne ovat vähemmän ylikuumentuneita markkinoita, neutraloivia futuurimarkkinoita, vähemmän vivutettuja kauppiaita ja vahvistavia perustekijöitä.

Bitcoin-futuurimarkkinat neutraloivat

Siitä lähtien, kun Bitcoin on toipunut 10 300 dollarista, jatkuva kertomus ylimmän kryptovaluutan ympärillä on ollut sen negatiivinen rahoitusaste.

Bitcoin-futuurimarkkinat toteuttavat „rahoitukseksi“ kutsutun mekanismin estääkseen markkinoita heilahtamasta hallitsevasti toiselle puolelle. Sellaisena, kun markkinat ovat nousussa, BTC: n noususta panostavat sijoittajat korvaavat lyhyeksi myyjille ja päinvastoin.

Viimeisen viikon aikana Bitcoinin rahoitusaste on joko pysynyt negatiivisena tai neutraalina hinnan laskusta huolimatta. Tämä tarkoitti, että lyhyeksi myyjät jatkoivat panostusta BTC: tä vastaan, mutta pitkiä sopimuksia ei ollut tarpeeksi puristettavaksi.

Pitkän puristuksen pieni todennäköisyys johti lopulta markkinoiden ilmapiiriin. Bitcoinin oikosulusta tuli nopeasti liikaa kauppaa, mikä aiheutti lyhyen puristuksen.

Elinkeinonharjoittaja korosti, että jatkuvasti negatiivinen tai perustason rahoitusosuus on positiivinen tekijä BTC: lle. Hän selitti:

”Ensinnäkin on olemassa rahoitusta. Yksi parhaista indikaattoreista markkinoiden ilmapiirin mittaamiseksi. 12k pudotuksen jälkeen se on ollut jatkuvasti negatiivinen tai parhaimmillaan lähtötaso. Toiseksi meillä on contango-indeksi. Tämä osoittaa eron SPOT-pörssien ja johdannaispörssien välillä. Kun SPOT: lla on korkeammat hinnat, indikaattori laskee matalammalle, vihreälle alueelle. SPOT-pörssien jatkuvaa palkkiota pidetään nousevana. „

Bysanttilaisen kenraalin kaltaisille swing-kauppiaille, jotka keskittyvät pidempään kauppaan lyhyellä aikavälillä, markkinatunnelman muuttaminen on kriittistä.

Salausvaluuttamarkkinat ovat vähemmän vipuvaikutteisia

Bitcoin hylkäsi alun perin 12 000 – 12 500 dollarin vastusalueen 17. elokuuta, sitten taas 2. syyskuuta.

Kaksi peräkkäistä Bitcoinin hylkäämistä kriittisellä vastarinta-alueella olivat raa’at futuurikauppiaille. Seuraavien kahden seuraavan viikon aikana futuuripörssien avoin kiinnostus laski nopeasti.

Termi avoin korko tarkoittaa aktiivisten pitkä- ja lyhytaikaisten sopimusten kokonaissummaa futuurimarkkinoilla. Lyhyesti sanottuna se näyttää BTC-hintamuutosten vedonlyönnin dollarimääräisen.

Futuurien avoimen koron voimakas lasku tarkoitti sitä, että vähemmän ihmisiä on käynyt kauppaa BTC: llä ylimääräisellä vipuvaikutuksella. Suurimmat kriittisten valuuttamarkkinoiden futuuripörssit tukevat jopa 125-kertaista vipuvaikutusta. Tyypillisesti korkea vipuvaikutus avaa mahdollisuuden massiivisiin hintavaihteluihin.

Elinkeinonharjoittaja selitti, että matalampi avoin korko tarkoittaa, että markkinoilla on nyt vähemmän vivutettuja positioita. BTC: n keskipitkän aikavälin trendin suhteen hän väitti, että se on optimistinen. Hän sanoi:

„Onko markkinoilla liikaa vivutettua? 12k-alue oli aivan julma. Meillä oli useita päiviä yli puoli miljardia selvitystilassa. Noin miljardi OI hävitettiin 12k-alueen huipusta lähtien. “

Keskeiset ketjuindikaattorit osoittavat, että markkinat eivät ole enää ylikuumentuneet

Ketjun indikaattorit voivat olla hyödyllisiä arvioitaessa Bitcoin-markkinoiden ilmapiiriä analysoimalla osoitetoimintaa ja voittoja.

Elinkeinonharjoittajan mainitseman netto-MPL-indikaattorin mukaan Bitcoin-markkinat ovat vähemmän ylikuumentuneet kuin aiemmin. Samoin kuin aiemmat härkäkierrot, elinkeinonharjoittaja sanoi, että se antoi salausvaluuttamarkkinoille nollan. Hän totesi:

„MPL-nettoindikaattori. Tämä osoittaa, että markkinat eivät ole enää ylikuumentuneet. Meillä oli äskettäin nollaus. Punaiset alueet ovat hyviä ostoalueita. Kun tarkastelemme edellistä härkätaistoa vuonna 2017, voimme nähdä, että nuo pienet palautukset ovat käännekohtia, joissa vauhti on jälleen nousemassa. „

Salauspelko ja ahneusindeksi osoittavat myös, että markkinoiden ilmapiiri on muuttunut neutraaliksi BTC: n viimeaikaisen elpymisen jälkeen (korkeammat arvot osoittavat markkinoiden ylikuumenemisen).

Perusteet vahvistuvat

Ytimessä Bitcoin on hajautettu lohkoketjuverkko, jota ylläpidetään kaivostyöläisten tuottamalla laskentateholla. Sellaisena hasraattia pidetään usein tärkeänä mittarina estoketjun perusvoiman mittaamiseksi.

Hash-nauhan ilmaisin ilmestyy, kun kaivostyöläiset käyvät läpi kapitulaatiovaiheen, jossa he myyvät merkittäviä määriä Bitcoinia. Vaikka alennusmyynti aiheuttaa alun perin myyntipaineita BTC: lle, jälkikäteen BTC pyrkii toipumaan. Kauppias sanoi:

”Katsotaanpa joitakin perustekijöitä. Hash-nauhat antoivat äskettäin 2 peräkkäistä ostosignaalia. Nämä signaalit tapahtuvat ensimmäisen toipumisen jälkeen kaivosmiehen antautumisen jälkeen. Bitcoinin tuotantokustannukset ovat tällä hetkellä vihreät. Yksinkertaisesti sanottuna tämä tarkoittaa, että kaivostyöläiset voivat ottaa tappioita. Ehkä se ei ole kovin intuitiivinen, mutta historiallisesti ottaen nämä ovat hämmästyttäviä ostomahdollisuuksia. „

Vahvistuvien perustekijöiden ja teknisten tekijöiden yhtymäkohta viittaa vähemmän ylikuumentuneisiin markkinoihin ja lisää todennäköisyyttä nousuun.